I contacted Beneficial to get a loan pay off. I have been paying back a $6000 loan for years, and it's always showing maxed out after fees and interest.

Their site showed 6800 owed and they gave me a pay off of $7011. I went to the web site to pay off and the site wouldn't allow me to pay the 7011, only the 6800 showing owed. So I paid that, called and was told the account was zero balance. I then asked to close the account and was told no!

The account can only be closed with specific written and signed instructions, but there is no where to find what instructions or where to send it! This month I have another $112 in charges and they still wont tell me how to close the account. They also would not let me speak to a supervisor.

I have paid about 3 times what I borrowed from then and they will not close the account. I am so frustrated!

Monetary Loss: $112.

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I am a victim of Beneficial Finance's crooked practices but they went one step further after refusing to enter my account as "Paid In Full". they sold my account to a collection agency who, in turn, hired a law firm to obtain a Judgement against me and they have now stolen my little pittance of savings FROM A JOINT ACCOUNT.

I am a disabled senior citizen living on a very small Social Security allowance and my husband is a daily dialysis patient on Social Security and a Disability pension.

These people are viciously unscrupulous. I don't have anyone to turn to and I am worried.

to ladysquaw #720214

Call the BBB make a complaint about the bank that released the funds.

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