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Listen up eveyone who had Benefical/HSBC we need to take action I am involed with Prime Legal and I am in contact with a Lawyer I am done with this company the more people we get involved in this the sooner we take them down, they are nothing but a bunch of crooks !!!!!!!!They say they will work with you and then turn around and ***!!!!!! we need to take action who is with me?

my e mail is I can receive mail everyday all day we need to take a STAND and do something I am right along with all of you who has them for a morgtage company and I AM TIRED OF THEM ...they call me 26 times in a day, I tell them I have an attorney and give them the information it stops for two days and they are right back at it ....I was advised my the law firm not to pay them. there is a fee to hire Prime Legal and I say thats ok Benefical is not getting my money as of right now.....and I say GOOD if you want more information PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE e e mail me so we can all stick together!!!!!!!!!please enclude your state in the email for me....thanks for you time

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Ok listen up people we need as many as we can get out there to confront this beneficial company and try to shut them down. I have been involved with Prime Legal for the past few months and I am figting with Beneficial and I need more people to contact Prime Legal and tell them you have Benefical and want to fight them..

I have been having so much trouble with these jerks. the number to prim legal is the company is American Harfshio Group they are for real and they go to bat for you..I have not paid Beneficial in months please please call 1-866-373-0011 they more people we get we can get them shut down .....


I have had a loan with Beneficial for over 10yrs and they have been a pain from day one.. we did a debt consol.

loan and they were to pay off our credit cards. so after 2yrs I get a call from a credit card place that has put us in collection because they was never paid. I call Beneficial they cant find where they paid it off so they send me a check for the amount. in my name I cash the ck pay the bill and 6mo.

after they send me a letter saying they made a mistake and they want the $2000 back.. well I paid the bill and I dont have it. so they have added$5000 to my loan and are showing me as behind on my payment.. I ask them can they just put that at the end of the loan or work something out.

NO they want even talk to me and now they have destroyed my credit I cant get a loan any where else and when we did the loan we only barrowed $70,000.00 and our payment is $860.36 a mo.

and after 10yrs they say I owe mre than I barrowed. they should be colsed down and have to give people there money back..

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