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So sick of this company is there anything we can do they just called my work again. I told the rep I was going to pay it right now she then tells me oh you must get lots of calls from creditors I said no I don't.

She said I'm behing 2 payments I am not I paid them I told her they posted one to the wrong account and she said oh yeah we lost it right?

I told her I read all the reports and nightmares on HSBC and just hung up! I almost started crying I am so sick of this my balance has gone down 300 in two years how are we ever going to pay them off.

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Wallingford, Connecticut, United States #699967

Federal Trade Commission

600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20580

(202) 326-2222


Send them a certified letter demanding they no longer call you at your place of employment. List the numbers you don't want them to call. If you don't have an answerimg machine, buy one and ignore their constant nuisance calls.

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