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Just like everyone else here, we at a bad time in our life got suckered in to signing a loan with Beneficial/HFC, we noticed that the balance was never going down after about 5 or 6 years, went in to their local office in Tallmadge tried to talk with a woman about amending the loan at which time she told us there was an insurance listed that we should not be paying for, but no mention of refunding our money. But she also tried to talk us in to re-financing our home with a new loan so that we could possibly pay off our loan eventually.

I told her are you kidding me? There's no way I would put my home in you people's hands.

You're not taking my home from me. But what I want to know is how can we all fight these people?

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Federal Trade Commission

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it is not poor me, when you have a payment of 449.00 & 20.00 is all that goes towards it, that is just called sickening, I don't feel for this co. they are legalized(maybe not?) rapeing of people's hard earned money!


You are such an AXXXXXE. You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you have never had a loved one pass away (probably their breadwinner) (probably not you have no heart and probably no loved ones anyway).

Come on people are losing their jobs everywhere and sometimes, just sometimes people have medical problems and without a job there is no insurance. I can not believe you can get on here and judge people and, maybe, just maybe say "that could have been me." So sit back in your leather chair or by your pool and shut the *** up. What comes around goes around BUD. So hopefully one day you don't get the news that someone you care about has been laid off and they are ready to lose their house.

OR THIS COULD BE ONE OF THE PEOPLE FROM BENEFICIAL ACTING ***. Instead of helping these people you are forcing them into foreclosure or short sales, which by the way BUD means your home goes down in value too.


I had a mortgage from beneficial and my husband got hurt and I was the only one with an income, they would not help me, work with me or anything. So we had to foreclose.

We bought the house in 1997 for $60,000. We paid every month until we were hit with a hardship. Do you know they sold it for $56,000. What a disgrace these people are.

You should be ashamed of yourself. Oh well in the end you LOST MONEY.


Come on people. Read what you sign and pay your bills.

It is that easy. I am so tired of hearing poor me poor me. How about poor Beneifical that helped millions of people consolidate their bills to save hundreds of dollars monthly so they could afford to feed their families then to have the customer go out and charge up all their debt again to put them in a worse situation. Maybe consumers need to look in the mirror.

Maybe consumers need to take ownership of their finances and debts and stop living outside their means??? Maybe that would solve all the problems?


I don't understand. Sounds like all the complaints are from people that are unable to make their payments.

Maybe you should all read what you are signing and stick to your obligation.

I know plenty of people that pay their mortgage and are fine with Beneficial..Come on people.....take some ownership of what you signed and agreed to pay!! I am so sick of hearing poor me, poor me......Pretty easy to bash a company when in all actuality it is you that is at fault,.


like all others have tried to modify my loan but have been declined,I to am looking for away to get out of thisproblem. any ideas?


I too am having problems with them to modify my loan. I even hired an attorney to set up a paperwork to show them my home has turned upside down.

My attorney gave them figures and amount of a payment so that I can keep my place. Then that dreadful moment to call them and was told DECLINED!!! YOU WILL GET SOMETHING IN THE MAIL... I was not given a reason why.

I notice on the default they spelled my name wrong.

I've looked up helping familes save their home act of 2009 sign by president obama, of course HFC is not thinking of what we can do to save our home. I just might call them or fax them that bill so hfc can see they too are not following this act.

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