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Let me tell you I can't stand Beneficial I have had my morgtage with them now for over 8 years and I can't understand why they keep putting in a payment and then talking it back out and putting it in again and taking it back out,... when you call customer service they don't know why so they transfer you to another part and they don't know why.

I can spend three hours on the phone with them and I get no where they will call me 25 times in one day and then when I tell them about it Og bet you can guess well they don't have a record of them calling but I have my cell phone records to prove it ....I have hired an attorney and I am done with them I am at 11.8 % with my mortgage when there are people offering 2% right now.. I am done with them they have everything coming to them. they also charge me a late fee because their error of taking out 1600.00 buck out of my account they addmitt it was their fault and still have non refunded that money... so I am not paying them I am paying my attorney so they can just stuff it where the sun don't shine..

I will never recommend anyone to them they can just burn the company for all I care... no more I am not putting up with them I told them if I get one more peice of mail or a phone call I will slap harressment charges on them ......

Product or Service Mentioned: Beneficial Finance Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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I merely called to set up an EZ Pay (because I was tired of calling them every month or fiddling with sending a check) to pay my mortgage.I wasn’t late on payments or anything.A month later, I got a call from HFC asking if I could make my payment. I said “it’s set up on EZ Pay”.

They let me know that it wasn’t. After calling EZ Pay (which, like calling any of these people, as you have noted, is a HUGE runaround). Found out they had screwed up on processing it (put my routing number in instead of my account number), so it didn’t go through. So we set it up again – and they said “next month it will work, don’t worry”… next month rolls around and I get the same call “can you make payment?”..

EZ PAY STILL NOT SET UP. This happened 3 times in a row, with me being told the EZ Pay was set up, then having to make a payment over the phone. They continuously screwed it up every month, and I would have to make a payment over the phone.THEN, this week I got a call from a COLLECTION AGENCY (Century something) and found out that I had been turned over to them!.. through NO FAULT OF MY OWN.I exhausted a day of work, calling this Century outfit and calling HFC, being told different stories by every person I got on the phone (which was several).

I was finally told that they had turned it over to this collection agency. This Century (or whatever) can’t discuss “why” the payment was “overdue” and HFC “can’t discuss it either, because it’s been turned over to an agency”… so… NOBODY can talk about anything! I don’t even know who to send my future mortgage payments to!I did go ahead and make the THREE payments that they said were owed (with late fees!) and none of them would talk to me about the problem THAT THEY CREATED!I have been told that the Federal Trade Commission is a good place to complain..

do you know of any other avenues other than getting an attorney involved? (not that I might not eventually).

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