While being a AE for Beneficial in Richmond, VA it was the worse experience ever. This place is full of money hunger upper management that only cares about their pay checks at the expense of a poor ingnorant home owner that don't know any better about their finances.

Tell me why its ok to push increasing your mortgage payment from a comfortable $600 a month fixed rate at 6% to a $1400 a month mortgage at 12% just because it saves $100 on your overall bills...Please homeowners this is not a good thing,,,so what it saves you money...if you can't make that higher mortgage payment you will lose your home...keep the bills separate, file bankruptcy, don't rolls credit cards and other misc bills into your mortgage. So what they repo your car, you still have a home....But while being an AE I lied cheated and stole peoples trust, homeowners trusted me only for me to stab them in the back...

matter of fact it was ok for me, per upper management to forge documents...meaning to not lose a potential loan, if the customer only made $30k a year but had to have $60k to make the loan work or make it past our underwriters, it was ok to cut and paste, photoshop, created fake documents to make it appear this person made more money...Which meant this person didn't deserve or even afforded a loan that was presented by Beneficial...I finally got tired of the lying, stealing and misrepresenting myself, I couldn't sleep at night knowing that I just took a family's life and set them up for failure..We made things look and sound so good but once the papers are signed and there is no turning back , we then turn our backs.... This place is the worse place even if you think no one else can help you...Reevalute your finances and stop buying useless stuff, you as homeowners have the key to repairing what messed up...don't let beneficial fix it cause they will *** you harder and a black dude with long pipe on steroids...

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We too, took out a loan at Beneficial. They made my HR person say that I would make another $5000/year before I even did to qualify, then when we needed a break (both lost our jobs), they DENIED a hardship, saying we could still afford the loan.

Also, get a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT story every single time I call, and cannot ever talk to the same person twice. SUCKS!


I know for a fact they fudged income amounts; they told me to write a letter stating that i made $1000 a month from a computer business at home,because they couldn't take my part time job into consideration towards my income (i had only been there 4 months, but also had a full time job i had been at for 5 years). I feel like they completely took adavantage of my husband and I, and we are buried under a loan we can't afford.

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