Sorry Jesse but I went to 4 Presidents Council and won countless of awards, trips, and incentives. It has nothing to do with "not cutting it as a branch manager" the reality is you probably dont have a degree or the balls to leave and get a better job somewhere else.

Fact of the matter is I now work for a pharmaceutical company that has perks you'll never experience in your pitty life working for HSBC Finance. Post an email next January when your staring at your W2 wondering what a f*%$ loser you really are and get a better J.O.B

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Wallingford, Connecticut, United States #700015

Federal Trade Commission

600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20580

(202) 326-2222



beneficial loan company and HSBC was thought up from the DEVIL!!! thsi company sucks the life out of everyday working peole.

I would be so, so ashmed i work there. God doesnt sleep

San Carlos De Bariloche, Rio Negro, Argentina #25140

Not that you should care or that it even matters, buit I actually do have a degree, and so does everyone that works in my office. The bottom line is, is that you were lucky to work for the company when all you needed was a pulse to sign a loan.

Things got a little tougher and you either bailed .... or you got fired... which is what I think happened. Let me tell you all how it went ...

you were horrible at being a BSM. Simply a product of someone who was with the company when it was easy so you were promoted quickly. So when they were closing offices they sat you down and said ... you can either be an AE again or walk ...

you knowing full well that you would never cut it as an AE in todays market (Witnessed what happens to step down BSM's) chose to walk. I am happy that you found yourself a great job doing something else, but that still doesn't change the fact that you are bitter because you got ran out by Beneficial so now you are on here spreading ***.

Memmingen, Bayern, Germany #24255

4 President's councils huh... with a huge asterisk next to each of them.

Feel like Bonds when he hit 700 home runs? You should. Take away your whiteout and you're a no talent loser who got caught in a scam. You wouldn't have lasted a year.

Couldnt cut it with the big dogs so you cheated...

sound about right? Does your new company know why you got fired?

Pocahontas, Tennessee, United States #22181

Not for nothing, but your right. I applied for a job there and the "hiring manager" was a bad interviewer and whats worse, a loan ***.

They pander to the lowest possible consumer, and prey on their ignorance of what they actually qualify for. Not my words, HERS!!!

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