Carlstadt, New Jersey
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Around October 1st I went to my bank and since my debit card was cancelled they told me that they would send out my information to the main branch and I would receive my card within 7-10days. On November 3rd I called the main branch and told them that I still had not reiceived my card, gave the lady all my information and she told me to call back if i did not receive it by wednesday the 7th.

So today (11-8-12) I called the main branch again and apparently I was supposed to have been told that since I have a savings account only that they sent out for the wrong card so now I am stuck with no card to get my money and have to go back up to the bank ask for a temporary card and then wait again for a different type of card. I am done with Beneficial now for good but I will make sure to give them a peice of my mind.

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