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we have our house financed with beneficial and our house payment is 1035 a month thats without taxes and insurance my husband became disabled and i havnt worked all summer with some major illness. they dont care you dont have as much money comming in like you used too.

on top of what we owe them we have 14,000 added to our payoff called deferred interest this is bull. we are never going to get this paid off.

we cant afford 1035 a month anymore.we told them we only make half of what we uses too. WELL SO WHAT!!!!

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We have our mortgage with Beneficial and they are screwing us over BIG TIME! We are being charged daily simple interest for paying our bill at different times of the month!

Our payment is due on the 25th of each month, and we get paid every other week, so with the first payday (normally around the 15th) we pay our mortgage, but since the date changes to whatever that Friday date seems to be, on month maybe the 15th another the 12th or 18th or whatever... So when I pay one month on the 15th and the next month maybe the 18th, it is more than 30 days and we are being punished for that, even though our payment isn't late (everything is pd before the 25th). So one month to the next our pay date changes to 30, 34, or whatever, depending on the play date! So now they are demanding payment threaten us with foreclosure because our daily simple interest is now over $1000.00.

Not sure what to do, we can't afford a lawyer, should I report them to the BBB in my area? I really hate this company and because of past financial issues we can't refinance right now! They have been very nasty on the phone and they have now been holding my payments for a month before applying them to my account, even though the day I call in my payment, it is taken from my bank account! Oh yes, I have also lost my rights to see, pay, etc...

My Beneficial account on line, so I have to call in my payment every month!!! What can I do???

I know they are ripping us off, but don't have the money to fight them!!! Someone please help.


I am an Iraqi Veteran and am now 100 percent disabled. Beneficial has the mortgage on my home too.

They have refused to lower my interest rate and they have charged me $23,000.00 in deferred interest and I make my payments before the due date. With the deferred interest I now owe more than the original loan amount.

So, it looks like I will never pay off my house because they have made sure I am upside down in my mortgage. And to think, I thought Iraq was ***.

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