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I got a home-equity loan in 2002. I had to file a chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2005. I keep paying my loan to them and in the last 6 months I paid double to pay it off. on January my loan was down to $217. I called about a pay off on the 11th of Jan. I received a letter from them on Jan 16. It stated that I would have to send payment of $252.73 by the 17th of Jan. Today [sunday, Jan17th. Tommorrow... Read more

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I had the same problem, how did you get relief? Had a Bankruptcy chapter 7 . Mobile home was listed as exempt from collection by the court and a lean release was to be given. I can't get anyone to respond. If anyone can tell me where to start. I understand they have been bought out by HSBC. but no help there. This has been going on since the early 1990's All I get is the runaround. I... Read more

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I have had beneficial for five years for my mortgage loan I ran into a little money trouble asked them to do a modification of the loan to lower the interest rate from 12% and to lower the payment this has been going on for almost 6 months every time I call they tell me they are checking taxes I have spoken to several lawyers they tell me it does not take six months nowhere near it to complete... Read more

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To Colorado Beneficial 10/27/15 Re Acct. # 22210600440711 SSN Judgement from 2009 Debt Discharged in Chapter 7 bankruptcy 2010 To HSBC and Colorado Beneficial. Hello, I have called and written to you about release of lien or satisfaction of judgement on my property at 7628 Snowmass Mountain in Littleton Colorado... Read more

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my name is Roney F. Besaw Ihad a loan that I payed off back in 1960'sor 70's that was never taken off. I tried to get a home equity loan but was refused because of this. please take care of this matter now. if I don't hear from you within the next 15 days it will be taken care of by my lawyer thank you for your time. hopefully it will be taken care of . my address is Roney Besaw 1675 front... Read more

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My husband and I got a loan from Beneficial , later we refinanced out home, we were making payments on time but later, we had to file bankruptcy we were told by our attorney after bankruptcy court the house was going back to Beneficial and we had to move out of our home, but later on after a year or so we found out Beneficial dumped the house back on us and we didn't know it, so now our house is... Read more

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I have paid my mortgage on time forever, but Beneficial/HSBC continues to say I owe them $1230. I call them almost every month, but they are not able to add very well. they also will not allow me to refince and lower my interest rates which is 7.1%. I review all my payments with them and each time the person I speak with says that there will be an adjustment until the last week when the gentleman... Read more

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in 2003 I took a loan out for 50000.00 on my house. I have never missed a payment in all these years. Now it would seem like I would at lease have some paid for but to date the balance is 48000.00. The more I pay the more I owe them. There is something wrong with this picture and this company. I offered to settle with them for 30000.00 and the won't do even that. I am retired and only have... Read more

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we have had constent problems with beneficial they are liars. cheats and will add extra charges to your account without you knowing, we paid out taxes on our property and they sent us a letter stating that they paid our property taxes and we owed them the money. they are incompedent and you cant seem to talk to what ever department that you have the problem with, they just keep passing you... Read more

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I became permanently disabled 2009, however the insurance I took out with Beneficial to cover disability only paid by the month, and required me to have doctor give me a new form stating that I was still disabled each year. Eventhough the doctors and SSD certified me as permanently disabled each year. So far, the balance of the Beneficial 'line of credit' is still pending. I don't understand!... Read more

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